Technical data

As depicted on these pages, the format and design of the bronze flooring stone for indoor use is compatible with the products of CCHöganäs Byggkeramik AB, Ekeby, Sweden. The final formats of the bronze flooring stones are compatible with the format variations of CCHöganäs products in general, with the same format size. The maximum variations of measure, are as follows:

CCHöganäs, Höganäs tiles:    Length and width ±1.25%
Thickness ±10%

Bronze flooring stone:   ±1,5mm

The bronze flooring stone are well within those measures.

For more information regarding the tiles of Höganäs, please contact:

CCHöganäs Byggkeramik AB
Address: Box 501, 260 51 Ekeby, Sweden
Fax: +46-42-89475

The bronze flooring stone consists of a handcrafted bronze metal plate, cast in a sandmould in the desired area format, with a depth of approximately 12mm solid bronze. These bronze plates are hand poured into one single bronze piece with the design patented extrusions and intrusions.

Testing of the bronze flooring stone by CCHöganäs Byggkeramik AB indicates that the strength of the bronze plate exceeds that of the Höganäs tiles.

The recessed areas of the bronze flooring stone contains patination and pigments in different colors. Each separate color may also vary slightly in itself. The patination/pigments are sealed with epoxy.

The raised areas of the bronze flooring stone can be expected to polish to a smooth, shiny metal surface over time, depending on the extent of traffic over the stones.
Notwithstanding this polishing effect, the bronze flooring stone will retain its patination in the rougher surface of the recessed areas, which is sealed with epoxy, providing a non-slip surface under normal indoor conditions.

Each bronze flooring stone is hand poured and handcrafted to exacting specifications.
Only first quality handcrafted bronze flooring stones are approved for sale and shipment.

Our staff is eager to work with architects, designers and builders to implement and supply these architectual elements for projects of any size.

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