The bronze paving stone will be polished by passing foot traffic. In time, the golden trace will tell of past users, and show a newcomer possible paths to take.

The Bronze paving stone in the ground in the public area will be patinated by the climate. At the same time, the bronze paving stone will be constantly polished by traffic passing over its surface. That dual process will never stop. The traces of public life and the patination from the climate will constantly manifest and change. For some part of the year, the forces of patination may be stronger than at others. Sometimes, the public wear will be more intense or the wear may change direction according to the season. This will always make new impressions in the bronze.

A public entrance, expressing the concentrated wear of the ground at the entrance doorway. This wear makes the bronze paving stone shine brightly.

For many years, bronze has served as a material for public art, typically to depict one single male figure. By using bronze as material in the public space and in the street itself, the material changes to serve a public expression. The material comes down from those high pedestals and the bronze itself becomes the base of the changing and living public life.